Difference between 3D Puff and Flat embroidery

There are 3 styles of embroidery.

1) 3D Puff

2) Flat Embroidery

3) Partial 3D embroidery

When you are designing for your custom hat, first select the embroidery style and then choose a vector-based image. It could be a name, logo or even the initials of your favorite basketball team. If you want to replicate the design on a T-Shirt then stick to Flat embroidery as 3D Puff is only limited to hats. If you have an intricate design, choose Flat embroidery over 3D Puff as the foam restricts certain prints. 3D Puff however can make your logo literally stand out and its design can help aid in brand recall. Finding the right fit may be confusing. Read ahead to pick the best customized hat for you.

Here’s the difference between 3D Puff and Flat embroidery:

Flat Embroidery: The embroidered thread is stitched flat on the hat with a decorative stitch, preferably a satin stitch. It is the most popular form of embroidery. Flat embroidery is sometimes falsely regarded as the only form of embroidery. It can be sewn onto most fabrics but thicker fabrics are preferred for better results. It’s simple and sophisticated designs add a custom element to your wardrobe. Flat embroidery can give a unique personalised touch to your hoodie and hat collection.

3D Puff Embroidery: In 3D Puff embroidery the artwork or lettering puffs out above the fabric. Puff foam is used to make the 3D design stand out. The 3-dimensional lettering or logo makes the hat look a lot more expensive and high-end. The cost of raw materials and number of stitches used makes the product price higher than Flat Embroidery. 3D Puff takes double the time and effort to sew than flat embroidery. Each letter should be spaced out well enough to make room for the foam.

Partial 3D embroidery: If you can’t decide between both the embroidery styles and you want to try out both then you may like Partial 3D embroidery. It uses both 3D Puff as well as Flat embroidery elements to make your cap design pop. For example: You can have one word in 3D Puff and the other word in Flat embroidery.

Things to look out for before selecting your embroidery design:

  • The simpler and more basic your design, the better the result. A complicated design pattern could ruin the 3D foam or distort your Flat Embroidery.
  • Select fewer colours for a much more striking and cleaner finish.
  • Size Matters! If the design is too big or too small it can impact the final result.
  • Don’t forget the stitch length and stitch count when choosing the perfect design.
  • Spacing between letters is crucial, when sewing your embroidered design.

If you want to embroider your T-Shirt or hoodie, go for the basic Flat embroidery. 3D Puff can make your hat look a lot cooler than flat embroidery but it’s only limited to hats. It’s design though restrictive is unique and thought provoking. If you have a simple logo or a word with a few letters, 3D Puff can transform your design. However, if you have a more detailed image with intricate designs, flat embroidery will do a better job than 3D Puff. So, choose your custom design according to the requirements and functionality of your desired end product.

If you have a design in mind, you can reach out to us here and we can help sew your custom embroidered designs for you.



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