Case Study

Audio-Experience “Experience Real Audio” is a San Diego based company. They recently established their name and officially launched in August of 2016. AE offers a variety of unique consumer audio products featuring outdoor and indoor speakers. They’ve been a huge innovator when it comes to outdoor audio as well as custom service. One thing they guarantee is that the customer will always be a constant supporter of their quality sound. A relationship that last a lifetime as well as their warranty.

Task: The first task was to create a logo with their company name incorporated with some sort of element that represents sound. For the logo, I took a minimalist approach to keep the name stacked, but it just wasn’t quite there yet. A few ideas later, I found that adding in streaming sound waves from the side was what would really bring this logo to life. Next up, design and develop a smooth flowing eCommerce website. Lastly, I was asked to design their speaker packaging for individual and group products. (Same thing, elaborate just a tad more on speaker packaging)