Case Study

Fine-Tuned Pomade is hand crafted in San Diego, CA. Fine-Tuned represents an alteration for superior performance, so the idea that you go into a barbershop to get Fine-Tuned goes without explanation. Started in North San Diego County, Fine-Tuned found the opportunity to give the barber community and its clients a more versatile pomade product. With an enticing scent, this water based pomade easily washes out after a full day of solid hold while the infused hair nurturing oils leave hair feeling healthy and conditioned.

Task: Anthony Ruiz and Nicolo Nanci approached me for a logo and product design for their new water based pomade. The goal was to incorporate cycle gears into the logo that represented motion and performance. They also needed a prim design to lug these cans around in. We hit the drawing board tough with concept after concept but once we identified the right elements, the project came to life quickly. They are growing fast and spreading into barbershops overnight.