Case Study

HBIC: Jenna Pace has probably been one of the most exciting and self motivating individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. We crossed paths through a mutual friend and right off the bat I could sense her passion for her company “Head Bitch In Charge”—and to be honest, Jenna’s message was exactly that. Throughout her life, Pace has focused on others and with HBIC she has made this her number one priority. Jenna currently uses HBIC as her platform to discuss topics and obstacles she has overcome including woman self empowerment, a major topic in American culture that gets little discussion.

Task: The task here was to create a strong female based presence. While going over the needs and requirements the primary goal was to start with a logo then move onto a website. Jenna wanted a heart and another shape that would express unity. After creating multiple mockups I figured a circle would be symmetrical and bring the logo together. A solid mix of blues and pinks really made this logo pop. The website consisted of her photography and an overall balance of personal information that would shape her blog.