Case Study

LIT is a new age messaging app designed to be a digital communication hub for social experiences. It will host videos, pictures, and chat capabilities surrounding the users experience. The app gives users the ability to communicate and enhance their night life with their friends, companies, brands, and everyone else who likes to have a good time. LIT is the new way to find out what is going on in your area and gives you the real time action on your mobile device.

Task: The founder of LIT, Xavier Carroll presented this new idea to me and immediately I was on board to design the aesthetics and functionality. The first thing we had to establish was a logo that represented a hot spot, as well as an icon that pins the user’s location. The mark was established and the wireframe has been a work in progress. When LIT is ready to hit the App store, there will be a flame on everyone’s phone with live feed to the hottest places to be in their area.